Tye is the main protagonist of Neo Kosmos. Like the other kids, they are a human raised on a space station by compie scientists. Their interests include art and Bruce Willis movies (particularly Die Hard). Their debut was in the May 1st, 2015 update on page 4.


Tye is a human teenager with long dark hair worn in a braid, dark brown eyes and a medium skin tone. They are 5'2".[3]


Tye often gets bored when alone, kept away from in-person contact unless it is scheduled. Tye is not a fan of picking up their room. Due to being kept in isolation, Tye is often depressed. They used to believe they were only one of three existing humans in the universe. Tye's hobbies include drawing[4] and running.[5]


Their caretakers were Dr. Xaveria and Dr. Zehra. Tye seems to get along better with Dr. Zehra.

Dr. Zehra taught them how to braid their hair[6][7]. They also taught Tye how to fingerpaint[8], and brought them a relic from Earth[9].

They are close friends with Iris and Z, two other kids who live on the space station. Their first face to face human interaction was with Z[10][11].


Tye cast profile

Tye was born in space. They lived in complete isolation, aside from the visits of their doctors, in a single room on a compile spacecraft for 14 years. Their interaction with other humans was limited to chatting on a messenger system, which was monitored by the compies.

Recently, Tye was able to escape their room when pirates attacked the space station and the forever-closed door was suddenly open. Tye explored the room adjacent to their own, which they now presume belonged to their friend Iris. They also found a storage room and Dr. Qurti's office, with documentation evidence leading Tye to believe they and their two friends are not the only humans left at all. While Tye was exploring, Dr. Xaveria found them and tried to get them evacuated safely. Just before the pair were intercepted by the pirate Triss, Dr. Xaveria hid Tye in a room within earshot and with some visibility. Triss appeared, and proceeded to murder Dr. Xaveria while Tye watched. They found their friend Z after Triss left, and the two worked together to remove Dr. Xaveria's computer and escape from Level 2. Tye has just recently warped to Level 1.

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Tye's Model Sheet

  • Although Tye has interest in Bruce Willis movies, they have never watched any of them[12], only being able to read about them on wikipedia pages.[13]
  • If Tye had been born on Earth, they would be Filipino.[14]
  • Tye probably does not know how to use stairs.[15]
  • Tye never experienced any temperature change.[16]
  • In the 2016 Neokosmostuck April Fools' Day Homestuck parody, there's a troll AU version of Tye named Tyetye. They are a Page of Breath with a broken left horn and a forked left horn similar to the end of their ponytail. Their land is the Land of Cubes and Tears, their sprite is Zehraveriasprite, their trolltag is listlessDestructor, and they put "xXx" at the beginning and end of each line as part of their typing quirk. Based on their text color, they appear to be olive-blooded like Nepeta.
  • Tye's "Human Type" is X, therefore Tye is biologically female, despite that fact even if they lived on Earth they would still be agender.

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