Seven's first appearance was on page 80. Their name was first revealed on page 811.[2] They appear to have some sort of psychic powers, experiencing visions of events elsewhere on the station. They have also produced a shockwave of psychic energy which busted the door of their room open. Seven uses their psychic powers to levitate, as they struggle to get around otherwise.

Official ProfileEdit

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Name: Seven
Human type: Y
Year: 16


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Seven's Model Sheet

Seven is a skinny human with short black hair and a medium skin tone. Their outfit is similar to the outfits of Tye, Z and Iris, but their shirt has a different symbol.


Seven is constantly anxious but empathetic, appearing to care for Tye and Z's safety when seeing them in danger.

Seven is also clairvoyant, able to remotely see events outside of their room; it is unclear whether this is a natural ability or an implant.

Their constant anxiety may be in part due to the isolation they endure in their room and the cold way in which they are treated by their caretaker and doctor, 9.,




Trivia Edit

  • Seven's "Human type" is Y which means Seven is biologically male, but if they lived on earth they would still be agender.
  • Seven is always in constant distress, and tends to pull on their shirt.