Iris is a human raised on a space station by compie scientists. Her interests include astrophysics, space travel and human culture, particularly gender.[3][4]

Her caretaker is Dr. Qurti.[5][6]

Her first chatlog started on Page 44, and her face was first seen on Page 82.


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Iris is a tall, pale-skinned girl with wavy red hair, brown eyes and freckles. She wears the same outfit as the other Level Two kids: a white t-shirt, gray shorts, gray loafers and white socks. It is confirmed by one of the authors that had Iris been born on earth she would have been designated male at birth, effectively making her a transgender girl.



Iris is friends with Tye and Z.

Dr. Qurti is her doctor and caretaker. They seem to get along well.


Iris was raised on the station by Dr. Qurti. Early in the comic, she finds out that she's going to be leaving the station and going to a planet. She believes that this is for a field trip, but it is later revealed that she is graduating. It is implied that she left the station before the pirate attack.


  • Tye - Chatlogs - 7 pages - 44-46, 52-55
  • Tye - Old Chatlogs - 4 pages - 60-63
  • Tye - Old Chatlogs - 4 pages - 248-251
  • Essay - 1 page - 329




"IRIS: Born solar cycle 5984 under care of DR. QURTI. No significant physical or mental developmental issues. Developed teeth at 7 months, healthy. Walking well by 14 months. Developed speech at 18 months.
Experiment-doctor relationship rated Highly Functional, Iris is completely amenable to living conditions. No arrested development or emotional or psychological issues beyond regulation level 2 development.
Adolescence spent primarily stargazing and researching astral phenomena, as well as marked interest in human culture and social sciences. Spent approximately 5 hours per day conversing with other test subjects. Appears to have developed a strong relationship with both subjects.
Subject began typical testosterone based human puberty at age 13, hormonal development is in progress per regulation. Brain chemistry is qualified for graduation."