Dr. Axavi, also known as Dr. A, is a compie scientist and Z's doctor. They don't get along well.


Dr. Axavi has pale gray skin with darker gray spots. Their hair is graying. They have a broad, squarish jaw, and appear to have wrinkles (although this may just be their facial expression).




Dr. Axavi is Z's caretaker. According to Z, they don't get along well. [1] When the pirates attacked the station, Axavi did not return to rescue Z.[2]

History Edit

  • Referred to on page 254. *Mentioned as "Dr. A" on page 255.
  • Dr. Axavi's name was first seen on Dr. Qurti's end gen celebration invite list on page 408.[3]
  • Dr. Axavi was confirmed to be Z's doctor on page 925.


None yet.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Axavi appears to be an older Compie, with graying hair and possible wrinkles.
  • The fact that Dr. Axavi and Z dislike each other fits, as A is the beginning of the alphabet, while Z is at the end.



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